Not There

I’m not there because I am here in my mind. Yeah I’m fine, but you must be the furthest from my mind lets rewind. I left you to get a renewed view of what I need to do to be closer to you.

I have learned internally that the furnace that burns the coals of my heart is empty. I have allowed the “things” I want of this world to tempt me. They sent me to the cleaners as I learned what has cleaned my emotions out.

We lost because I won.

Won a new life, won what the selfishness of my heart desired. I no longer fight. I say what I want yet I meet what I wish. My heart is not settled as my foundation with you is a raging fire. I became a liar when I promised what you wanted versus what I desired.

Can I get back to you? Will my pride make me a liar?


One thought on “Not There

  1. Torri says:

    This here is right on time…and so familiar (situation) Thanks for sharing!!

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