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I am the highlight of the pity party. You strike me down while you allow me to secrete my heart and dreams. Candy coated satsifying reactions of beating me to death just so you can expose the inner me.  Hanging high for everyone to see, you beat me down as you unveil the mystery (the misery). Continue reading



How did I lose my way? I got caught up in everything, everything. I chased dreams and dashed my trials. I paid the price by leaving you for too long. I have been gone a awhile and I lost everything, everything. Opened my eyes straight towards the sky I opened my eyes and saw the illusions of tears that I once cried. Continue reading

The Fire

There is something in my heart bigger than a fire. A burning desire that takes my mental capacity higher. No one can lock down what I know is not frowned upon when I reach above ground.

I reach higher.

I hold the torch of my reality on an open course. I will shine brighter when I learn to carry myself in a way that is the opposite of an illusion of grandeur.

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Blue Genes

A section of DNA; the sequence of the plate-li...

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I’m not happy wearing my blue genes. My emotions seam to tear apart at the tears that bring me to your vintage heritage.

I do my best to get away from your views, but the thoughts impregnated in my brain permeate the fate that relates to you. Often I want to get away from your day-to-day effect on the lasting effects of your DNA.  Continue reading

Man. Who Are You?

I am a beautiful man, yet I do not do well when it comes down to specifics. The intangibles of being a man have slipped through my thoughts when I have given my cause to go two steps forward with a recall of empty promises left back.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but when you cannot hold them you cannot hold you accountable. I am an offense that is punishable my mental death. It is a task to grow in a role when you know it is more about the responsibilities. Continue reading