Blue Genes

A section of DNA; the sequence of the plate-li...

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I’m not happy wearing my blue genes. My emotions seam to tear apart at the tears that bring me to your vintage heritage.

I do my best to get away from your views, but the thoughts impregnated in my brain permeate the fate that relates to you. Often I want to get away from your day-to-day effect on the lasting effects of your DNA. 

I am a creation of the way you feel.

Did you heal?

Am I reliving the problems of your old that are new to my real?

My existence of creation is the sensation of Love versus ego. Play you did; you birthed this kid who has your attitude with a great perception of gratitude. I don’t want to articulate my intellect because it shows off the blue in my genes.

I have the textured character. I look like anger when my face places mace upon the emotions of someone I love, but my perception says hate that which you Love.

The way I walk and talk is an admission of your guilt. In my life you are laissez-faire. I’m a chip off the old block.  I’m the key to your past and the padlock that can unlock my potential. I am a rising stock.

Sometimes I shoot my stars and reach back to realize that we are a part yet so far apart.

In reality I move with comfort in these blue genes. I try to get away from your way, but often my blue genes stay. They cause me to wear the pain.

Circumstances advance the age that you already lived. It’s a different generation yet I relive some of the negatives that subdue the positive. I give what you give. I move how you move, yet I have a choice to choose what you failed to choose.

This is where your blue genes fade.

They dye.

I don’t have to bleed your past. I appreciate the wear of these blue genes, yet my heart reshaped a new reality of the genes I wear.

I love the genes you have sewed within me. I don’t like blue anymore; I’m tired of seeing the oxygen in my blood bleed. I need to breathe.

The heir of your life, I can choose to breathe…


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