How did I lose my way? I got caught up in everything, everything. I chased dreams and dashed my trials. I paid the price by leaving you for too long. I have been gone a awhile and I lost everything, everything. Opened my eyes straight towards the sky I opened my eyes and saw the illusions of tears that I once cried.

My vision was blurred by the waters that drowned out the sound of my cries. I slept in pain, thinking back in vain, and left my pillow stained with tears from yesterday to bring into today, I feel estranged.

I have looked for signs to stop my ways but I keep going one way towards everything, everything. The sky pierced my eyes as I look towards the darkness when there are truly sunny skies.

Pain has afflicted my vision to see me vision of a created vision that in a prism shows the true color of my heart. I’m blind to my own naked eye. Lies I have blinded my theory and now I will listen to everything, everything.

God knows I tried, yet I sat down at my trials to be convicted of the afflictions that stop my progress and stagnate my stride. Too long have I been a victim of my lie.  The light of everything sparkled in my eye, yet it fizzled to be the reality that was a part of my smile.

I now see I was running towards the lie, instead of heeding the messages on the road to the scene of my crimes.


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