The Fire

There is something in my heart bigger than a fire. A burning desire that takes my mental capacity higher. No one can lock down what I know is not frowned upon when I reach above ground.

I reach higher.

I hold the torch of my reality on an open course. I will shine brighter when I learn to carry myself in a way that is the opposite of an illusion of grandeur.

You can look in my eyes and see the trail to my prize. One look, one flame, my bonfire rises higher as I mute the words they speak in vain.

I reach toward God and listen to his higher learning.

I am inspired by the voice that moves. The shake that moves my weight. I will not lose in patience but I will lose when I wait. I can escape the hate of a dream that is lost when you listen to those who lost their desire to live, they died in haste.

The cauldron is lit to show others the way to inspire yourself from within. I start with a smile, my walk, my actions, and the sign of Love, I will give until the light shines over Him.


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