I am the highlight of the pity party. You strike me down while you allow me to secrete my heart and dreams. Candy coated satsifying reactions of beating me to death just so you can expose the inner me.  Hanging high for everyone to see, you beat me down as you unveil the mystery (the misery).

Yeah you took turns and I smiled.

For awhile I broke apart at your every swing.  Allowed the massacre to continue until I spilled my candy coated dreams. I wanted to cry out but my voice was muted by my smile. The bat you swung at me showed me the reality of your view of me.

“I am less to you, while you are more of what I am to be.”

I thought my smile would take you by storm and calm you. Instead you struck back harder. You wanted more from me. Instead of being tired you swung calculated body shots that grew more vicious as you struck at the seams.

You hit me until you started to smile. Now that is a wicked scene.

Nice to know people will hit you up just to dash the light of your beautiful dream. Darkness. Scene.


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