Poetic Justice

Old Soul

You think our lives are cheap. People spent their last breath to make sure we could eat (knowledge)

They prepared us for victory.  Nowadays we emotionally lay down in defeat.

Feeling incomplete we lose sleep.

They would roll over if they saw how we creep against the truth of reality.

Are we too shallow, or were they too deep?

Resuscitate your life so you can sleep.

My Heart To Yours

They Said…

They loved you?

Their desires met your every need.

Primitive urge replaced words.

The physical touches of ecstasy reached the fabric of your delicacy.

Their tapestry sang lullabies to ease you to sleep.

The window pane of your soul was seen from beneath.

Desires staked claim.

Mind’s met in the late hours of¬† labor pains.

Unwanted thoughts of inebriated intellect were spawned on the whim of wordplay.

He promised the world?

You were shortchanged.

You got up to get changed and realized,

you had the miscarriage of what you thought.

Poetic Justice

Mind. Games?

There is a war going on within.

Land minds of subliminal thoughts.

Unkind words leaving spellbinding images that cripple your backbone and severe your spine.

The pages of your mind become undrafted chapters.

Is this the reasonable capacity of your mind?

Is your memory full of corrupted thoughts of what you learned?

Of what they taught?

You think,

or you thought?