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Old Soul

You think our lives are cheap. People spent their last breath to make sure we could eat (knowledge)

They prepared us for victory.  Nowadays we emotionally lay down in defeat.

Feeling incomplete we lose sleep.

They would roll over if they saw how we creep against the truth of reality.

Are we too shallow, or were they too deep?

Resuscitate your life so you can sleep.


Excuse YourSelf(ishness)

There is no excuse.

Be who you’re destined to be.

Love is the answer to forgive consistently.


There is nothing to hide. I stay hidden from view (you).  Judging me through your old rules you ridicule. Your body language holds me to the standards of old lies.  Suffocating lullabies. Continue reading

They Said…

They loved you?

Their desires met your every need.

Primitive urge replaced words.

The physical touches of ecstasy reached the fabric of your delicacy.

Their tapestry sang lullabies to ease you to sleep.

The window pane of your soul was seen from beneath.

Desires staked claim.

Mind’s met in the late hours of  labor pains.

Unwanted thoughts of inebriated intellect were spawned on the whim of wordplay.

He promised the world?

You were shortchanged.

You got up to get changed and realized,

you had the miscarriage of what you thought.

Bed Time

Born of inequity, we created a bed of lies.

Ill-conceived words jaded by thrusts of painful lies.

We overslept in wild ways, induced into a sea of lye.

The darkness of  blind eyes.

I Live

Often I forget how important I am to myself. I get caught up in what you want from me. Forgotten is what I become, the misinterpreted dream. Vicariously I live through those I help, yet I drive a wedge inside of  me. Continue reading

Mind. Games?

There is a war going on within.

Land minds of subliminal thoughts.

Unkind words leaving spellbinding images that cripple your backbone and severe your spine.

The pages of your mind become undrafted chapters.

Is this the reasonable capacity of your mind?

Is your memory full of corrupted thoughts of what you learned?

Of what they taught?

You think,

or you thought?


Lost in space I erase the taste of your sweet perfume by exhuming the death that is life within me. I left you to create an older view of what I see. Continue reading

He Said, She Says…

He said: Sometimes you have to go away to make a comeback.

She says: So come back!

He said: I am on attack as you react with your comebacks,

please relax.

She says: Relax? I just want you back.

You have been gone for to long.

Yes. My love is strong.

How long can I be apart, yet remain strong?

Shall I go on?

He says: Virtuous woman be strong.

As my queen I need you to help me see whats right from wrong,

but if you are not for me I will count you with them,


Hold on.

Need is too strong.

Count you with them is not right, its wrong.

Putting you on hold,

I apologize.

I’m in the wrong.

She says: Please communicate with me,

I can’t read your mind.

You cannot expect me to decipher your look,

and the chorus to your song.

When you hit me with the crescendo,

only then do I know something is wrong.

He said: Correct me if I’m wrong.

I need you to speak your mind whether we agree.

I want to hear you out,

despite the emotional commotion in your mind puts my wheels in motion to listen to your heart and feel your devotion.

I’m doing what I can to make it,

but I can’t fake it,

its hard when I am weak,

I pray from strength.

She says: I’m here for you.

I pray and prayed for you,

but how long can I hold on.

How long does love remain strong?

Life seems to be moving without me,

and you have me in space all alone.

He said: I’m not in a race to leave you in space.

The room was given to help you envision the woman you need to be for you to compliment the man you need me to be.

She says: I see.

I agree.

Often I feel alone,

your voice on the phone sounds so far away yet I can hear the echo resonate in other rooms.

I have to stop to remember,

I dont have a house phone.

I need Love to create a home.

He said: I’m alone too.

The preview of the future me isn’t the view I thought I knew.

I cannot plan out my path if I am not ready to be without the basics skills to get across to you.

She says: I just want to love you.

He said: It was already established the minute I held you and said

“I’m here in silence, in dreams, in violence.”

Through the screams of where I am I say

” I never left, I am here .”

She says: I can’t see you.

He said: Think to the moments I told you I needed you.

She says: That’s nice and all,

but I need you in view.

He said: That’s a shame,

what you want me to do.

What do I need to prove my value when not in plain sight?

In my mind your beauty is never out of sight.

It’s the preview to my future with you.

To grow is to show you I have self-control to leave old things alone,

and bask in the light that emits from you.

She says: Wow, I never knew.

Your words are beautiful,

yet your actions are a picturesque nightmare.

Your paintbrush is dirty from the painted words that were motionless verbs that turned I love you into an empty view.

Late nights with no pillow,

I slept on your minds floor,

did you think of me?

He said: I think over and over how to get over,

yet I get over on you.

Truthfully I’m plotting a course to see you.

She says: Make sure you reach me.

He said: Love is the only way I know how to reach you.

Give me your hand.

She says: Where can I go with you?

You’re so far.

He said: If you reach out your hand,

you can grasp my heart,

and I can grasp you.

She says: That sounds nice.

Try again.

He said: Compliment me.

Hello how are you?

She says: I’m fine, and you?

He says: Making sure I reach you.

Not talk at you.

Communication is key unlocking the mysteries that are not always in view.

She says: Im overjoyed you are reaching for me.

He says: I keep you in mind when I move.

You may never see yet I’m looking ahead,

today is not the news.

Please be patient and stay tuned.

She says: I’ve heard enough!

I can be patient and hold it down just for you.

I love you for being able to communicate that you are working for us and not just for you.


When I started this poem it was gonna be about you.

So every word flows as a preview. The flow of words that replace the action are the satisfaction I can say to you without the action of being away from you.

I reach out to reach within you to see the person that is outwardly hidden.

I value the mystery in the layers of you.

I kneel to understand that I am humbled by the help you reach me through.

You are the indication of what a woman is when I open my eyes to view a heart renewed.

I appreciate that I do not have to wait,

I am patient with you.

Love takes time and I choose to stand my ground with you.

No one can keep me from learning you.