Heart’s Point of View

Did I do something wrong to change your image of me?

Did I false start at your line of scrimmage? Was my grasp on your heart holding and my grip was limited?

Is our connection doomed?

Wait… Are we finished? 

Did my heart diminish because you wont answer my text? What a mess! 

I ran after you for the shortest time. Yeah you fine but the essence of you beauty drew me to look deeper into your mind. The mellifluous words you spoke provoked a smile that laid down the cloak of fear, and stroked the ego that had been let go years ago. 

Your vocabulary of how to speak to me wooed my reality and laid rest in my dreams.

I can never forget you because I am always thinking about you. I shout too. I curse in words that have no definition, because you are the soul that I am missing.

Apart from you I feel uncomplimented, like a rose that is un-scented. I am beautiful, yet untouchable to the other senses.

Without your call I am naked to the persistence and preparation of chasing you. I often ask myself by text.  “Am I a fool for chasing you the way I do?”

Nah… It’s the only way I know I really appreciate you. It’s not about the reciprocal. I needed you to know how much I really adore you.


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