“You Must Love Me”

Throughout my life gracefully you bestowed love upon me. Since my date of arrival I have given out pain with struggle. I hustle words with statements that build a vocabulary of verbs.

I often come to terms with the words that burned bridges and caged catch phrases.

“Mountains of lies.”

“A summit too tough to tame.”

It’s hard to climb the thoughts that cry inside. I cannot cross over the bridge if I did not apologize. (I apologize.)

I fight every night with conversations we never speak. My words get tougher as the hours go by. The emotions get rougher.  I tried to prove why you must love me, yet I found an empty space labeled “old me.”

After all the right I’ve thought only the wrong gets done.

You must love me.

There is no need to ask for the simple task, but do I  love me?  The words I sacrifice to get across flow through the breath in my veins. I claim to reach you so I breath life into my words yet death often causes pain.

I want to speak in silence. I don’t want to be boastful.

You must love me.

I know I can bring hurt, but the pain in your face looks worse. We are separated by the exacerbated fallacies that run rampant around me. I come across the memories that display the beauty of rain. Too bad a flood of emotion causes pain. Lost breath. Cries that wash away our dreams.

You must love me.

I no longer want to suffer. I want to plunder through your thoughts, God tell her I love her. I can write enough syllables to come close to the miracle of leaving a mark in your life. A phone call isn’t enough to win over your life.

I want you to love me. You must love me, but why?

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