Relationship Reality

I hate you. I blame me. I have an attitude. That’s all me.

I’m not reaching you because your hands are retracted from me.  We fuss out of immaturity. We fight out of impurity. We want the best yet put forth the effort of a sleeping dream. I defer to pain. You raise your voice  screaming obscenities. I choose to refrain.  

Yet we stay.

Here we are living in pain. Gluttons for punishment we banish all conversation and vent. Releasing heat, seeking relief we find a sinister peace. Spewing words from the piece. It shoots heart piercing bullets the dictionary cannot teach.

You hate me. I blame me. I can’t stand you, yet I will stand for you. So we sit down. We speak. I speak, do you listen? You speak, I want to be taught the right way, but do I listen or hear you teach? 

No more mysteries.

Question my love?

Challenge my loyalty.

Let’s speak in this reality. Love is trying to talk, shhhh…


One thought on “Relationship Reality

  1. Raven says:

    This spoke to me…thanks for sharing…

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