I Live

Often I forget how important I am to myself. I get caught up in what you want from me. Forgotten is what I become, the misinterpreted dream. Vicariously I live through those I help, yet I drive a wedge inside of  me.Brainstorms calm and subdue my nightmares that display flashlights upon an open sky. Storms are bigger then what you can see. The veil of lying to myself covers me.

I open eyes!

I have been locked away in your satisfaction too long.

At times I have  issue with subscribing to what’s wrong. Sometimes I play the fool looking for a reaction. I sound great, but often my thoughts become footnotes. I need a retraction.

Seeing is believing, yet faith in what I aspire lays shallow to the beach.  My desire’s often is seen as too deep. I can’t look that far out to sea.

Life is a living testimony to the things we give. We have to give back to ourselves and live out our internal dreams.

When I choose to live free of the robbery of my self-esteem, I will  rise above my fear of being inadequate and reach the potential that God envisions in me.

The purpose of life. Love given freely.

Can you see what’s in me?


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