There is nothing to hide. I stay hidden from view (you).  Judging me through your old rules you ridicule. Your body language holds me to the standards of old lies.  Suffocating lullabies.

Today is not yesterday but your stronghold on tomorrow is a ruse.

What happened that has you confused?

Conclusions got jumped when no question answers your rules.

Questions can be asked, but will you seek to find how profound I am?

If life is a lesson I urge you to learn about this man.

 No? That’s fine.

Repeat you traditional steps and re-learn your lesson of a man.

The expectations you hold me to must have fallen when you view the person in the mirror that is not you is not you. I can admit you had me confused because what you sought was right in front of you.

Problem is you are watching the old me on VHS.  Blu-Ray is how I am viewed.

No new player.

Clear mind.  

A man, no playboy.


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