New Year (Graduation)

Salutations and God-speed. I wish my problems safe travels
as I give them sure leave. Today I graduate from the words that
intimidate, permeate, and russictate the life that I leave. No
longer will I breathe in breathlessness that brings me to my knees.
I graduate from me. The reality of the character traits I see
within me. I bring you greetings to meet you at your seat. I
beckon the call to graduate from my seat. I have sat to long
through my class, or lack there of that graduated me to see the
re-take of several mistakes. Now I graduate from what was to what
is, yet you cannot grade what was a mistake. I retake my actions by
learning and graduating into today.


One thought on “New Year (Graduation)

  1. Torri says:

    I had to read this twice….hmmmm…I want to graduate from

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