Ready For Marriage?

Can we get married? A ceremony in our minds? A marital state of mind?

In many relationships people feel they are married before they actually get a ring, say I do, or move in together. At this point we fail to recognize, we are single entities conforming to a bond that doesn’t equate.

We are married to our traditions and ideas of how we want things. Our parents rituals, ideals, and friends who are or are not married play big roles in our images of marriage.

Ladies. Do you think your girlfriends fall off when you get engaged?

Men. Why do your boys clown you when you can’t watch the games anymore?

It’s because we are engaged into another activity that broke that marriage! When have something go our way we have said “I do” to the idea of something that we wanted for ourselves.

Often we are married to our job because it provides.  We forget that God provided the job for the means, not to slave over for the new Lexus you barely afford.

Married to the idea” if you work hard enough people will notice you.”

People can notice you cannot afford to stay awake! 

Marriage is a sacred thing. So sacred that many people stay married to themselves far to long!  That marriage is what I call a single person. Someone who says “men are dogs or that women are scandalous.”

You are single because you are married to the single life. The notion that  you can transfer that lifestyle to a relationship.

You cannot be in a relationship and still lead that life!

Oil and water don’t mix!

Take a closer look. You are talking about yourself!!! Don’t be married to the fear of finding the right person and not being able to handle what they bring to the table.

Wake up! We are all married to something!

Can you admit you are married to the wrong things, ideas, and guilty pleasures?

We have been in many committed relationship’s before. Let us learn how to be devoted.


5 thoughts on “Ready For Marriage?

  1. The fairest says:

    Good read, you bring some valid points to the table.

  2. The fairest says:

    Being married now divorced I understand both sides of the spectrum.

  3. Torri says:

    Hallelujah!!! A must share!!

  4. Mercy says:

    Omg! So true! Thanks!

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