Dear BET,

Dear BET,

I need you to open your minds back to a time when you were on top. You had Teen Summit. There was no way you would flop. You had the brightest teens about to drop. The best shows, not really entertainment, but a way to keep the village of a few raising the future of a strong culture.

I dreamed I could be anything, because everything that was me was on your station. I didn’t have to resort sitcom TV.  Your programming showcased the immaculate soliloquy of what black men and woman is.

Our wordplay. Our prose. BET ushered in a way to use words that even white people had to steal.

Then again things change! You sold the soul and pulse of a nation to get some material gains. Slowly but surely programming changed. You let your guard down. The stench of the world permeated in through the tough exterior of our community and cracked.

You let the world pimp you to program the sin of mediocre programming. It’s a shame what you will do to win an Emmy, or some other plastic fallacy of recognition!

An award that will make our butt look bigger. Maybe it will generate more revenue, bigger figures. Some thirteen year old will look to gain a better figure. It’s a numbers game!

 In return we are laughed at you. Inside we knew that you changed too! Now we’re worse than MTV. They hold meetings to mock at the travesty of how black people entertain them on TV.

Now you have no allied fans. You have a bunch of Stans. Are the exec’s dark-skinned white folks that treat us like Indians?
Ready for today’s hot topic and not the topics at hand?
Do you talk about health care, the president, poverty? No! You’re more concerned with cheap thrills and not the Hill Obama stands to make capital on.

The tyranny that you created over my people everyday is ridiculous. How did you lose your video soul? You show me 106 and Park, but you have made my young sisters and brothers video ho’s. Getting pimped as a by-product. For free or fee right in front of me.

I can only watch these tight jean wearing kids on BET. They don’t even know they getting pimped by the same player that created the show.  You wrote the flow and everybody knows this is the new version of black face.

Entertaining shows that make a fool out of a community, yet the community tunes in to the shows. 

I’m surprised you don’t have a reality show with Mase in store!

Try to sit us down at the table to bless this crap you call food. I’m going to say your grace! You are taking the childhood away from most like NBC, and even they had to take the sexual predators off TV. 
Once Big Tigger was gone I saw the writing was on the wall. You just left us in purgatory, but you didn’t address the sexual pedophile you had become. We aren’t safe anymore in the hands of our own kind. You once gave breath to those who had been deemed ineligible for life. 
Are you setting black people behind?

I was proud to have a channel I could call my own, but now I have direct TV so I can see the perception of reality you place in my face.  You tried to pass it off as black pride. Now you fill the prescription of this health care with vials of crack to smoke the nation of African American’s to stunt dreams and crash our souls.

My dreams will never take flight.  You killed them when you took AJ, Free, Jeff, Big Lez, Donnie Simpson, Sheree Carter off the TV. Now they looked like me! Dont come back with that nonsense talking about black star power and quality.

Its coonery. Showing people who don’t even look like me. Your positive programming I can’t wait to see.

That’s a shame the positivity is in a time slot when most people are sleep, who is looking for the news at 11pm? You knew whence you came when you started this zoo. You have some confused. The question is who is running you?

Who pulls the strings to keep us N’SYNC with the people who watch our blues? Now I see you are the house Negro with masser, as we play the field. You sit in the house, watching as we are pawned for scraps. Sold to the highest bidder. Thanks a lot for quality TV. We still look like…


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