I Am…

I am who I am. I am a victim of my circumstance. A choice word of my thoughts. 

A piece of mind.

 I am at peace with my past. You look back to who I was. That person died in the fiery past. The phoenix of my heart arose from the ash.

I made the change to be what God needs. You might not agree with who I am, but I am me. I needed change because I didn’t respect the view I saw in me. I couldn’t respect what I neglect because I was more into everything else, and rarely into my needs!

The life I lead is not what I intended because God is blinding me to my wants and allowing me to hear my needs. Although there are those who rep my former life, I now wear God on my hearts sleeve.

The coat I claim represents where I am, and shows the humility in me. That is the main reason you call me out me name. To you I stay the same. Though I lived in vain, one thing now remains. My love for you never changed. My veins carry the way I am.

I refuse to be naked by the masked efforts of my emotions. They selfishly mask the real me. Struggles, tears, triumphs and love are inside me. I can’t grow to live on just emotion only.

If I take that route I will only clone negative feelings.  What will I be if I stand in line? Will I count with you?

Can I be me? 

I am who I am, but I am not yesterday. I am who I am because I stopped listening to YOU yesterday!

But who are you to me?


2 thoughts on “I Am…

  1. This is very honest and humbling! I adore this piece

  2. What a testimony! I am…….enuff said!

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