What They Say

Did God say I would be a perfect man? The radio stations of opinion have you listening to your friends again. I’m a song in heavy rotation. I hear their complaints weigh down my voice.

“Girl you know he cheating again.”

I radio edit their explicit lyrics that imply “he is fake.” Your background singers curse me with all their hate.

I want the best for you!

I hear the whispers.  Their echo’s resonate and recreate arguments we had over the love we have made. I’m your best friend. I’m alone when you team with how they view you. Even though you are in the room, my thoughts cry out loud, but you can’t hear my heart over their insinuations, and counter claims of defamation.

They keep saying you remember his past.

We told you hold your heart. Get Love insurance to protect your heart!  We’ve picked up the tears. We cried our lives in your thoughts, and we thought we were being friends.

Girl you’ve been with me through thick and thin! Still I skate on thin ice between your mental sins, and the reality that they don’t want us to win!

Don’t repeat their mistakes! Look at your fan base.

A girls club of hate!

Bitter, angry and sore losers from the foolish games they played. They are single for a reason, yet you allow them to navigate our course.

Song on repeat. Hear you go listening to them… AGAIN!


4 thoughts on “What They Say

  1. You did this….I have been a victim of listening to tired radio stations playing that same tired $@# tunes, poisoning ya psyche, dropping seeds of discord, unconsciously ya behavior patterns change, those tunes being in constant rotation has run its course, the hype man over speaks ya executive producer and then you mad when you realize ya show of two has been canceled. Then looking dazed, dumbfounded, heart-broken listening to the same busted radio station. same tune different with hooks! Dang…I’m grateful for maturation …

    You painted a beautiful cipher…

  2. JS says:

    Excellent piece.

  3. tasha m. turner says:

    Love it! You are very amazing with the pen and paper!

  4. MzPinkee says:

    Excellent! I really like your expression of the true picture of the married/taken woman vs the single/scorned friends. This is real. Thank you for sharing your gift.

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