You May Not Want To Hear This…

We may not want to hear what I have to say, but it doesn’t strip the truth. The truth has no emotion, it is exactly as it comes out. How you portray the truth is the way you accept it when it is spoken to you.

Too often we place people of a race, creed, position, status on a higher plain. When they fall we all fall. We fall because we place judgement on another man/woman.

People are people!

The talents or gifts that make us special come from love.

Our differences should not be the barometer of our attitude.

What makes us different are the same things that adjoin us into communication. People love to know something they don’t already know. We yearn for knowledge, yet we become older we seem to think we know enough.

Accountability builds maturity!

Getting by isn’t living. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of mediocrity. Being average is for everyone who is a follower. If you want to lead your life live through the truth. People may not want to hear what you have to say, but if it’s the truth, it is what it is.

The truth


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