I’m afraid to give my all because I cannot control your heart.

The emotions that ensue will create my mistakes.

I may disappoint you.

I want to love you,

yet you play me like the last fool.

You never met my past, yet I move past my old views.

I divided what I learned to leave the remainder of negativity.

You look at me as a reminder of who lied to those eyes.

I surmised they left you hurt inside.

A forgotten promise?

A broken dream?

You are shattering my heart!

What about me?

What about our dreams?

This relationship can’t mean much.

You’re in lust with me and in love with the complains of what might have been.

You never gave me a chance.

Romancing the past you woke up in the nightmare of me.

I just wanted to build our daydream.


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