Thank You

Thank you to everyone who has taught me how to get through the rough times, and appreciate the good. Thank you to the mentor’s who taught me how to be a man of virtue. Thank you for the ability to be honest with myself and question my choices.

Thank you to the woman who birthed the love that resides in my heart. Thank you to the man who showed me how to gain respect by giving my all.

Thank you to everyone who inspired a word, an image, a moment, and compassion. Thank you my brother. You have no idea what you mean to me. You helped me realize that I am great beyond measure.

Thank you to my daughters for showing me who I can be when I put down selfishness and live with a childlike attitude. Thank you the reader who took the time out to hear a man poetically cry out with joy. 

To those I left out, I didn’t leave you. You are included in my journey. You are the pages of my journal. I thank you everyday through my prayers and thoughts.

Thank you with love.


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