Old Saying

It’s amazing that we stress change, yet we are afraid to make an effective change. Change to some is a negative word. It denotes that someone is looking at me like I am not where I need to be. Maybe the person looking at you is the person that is in you!

We do not question ourselves enough! People’s questions catch us off guard because we havent been open with our true character. We do not ask what we need to know!

How do we grow and change? Have you changed lately? In the last week?  Month? If someone asked you to be specific about change would you be defensive or have a valid answer?

Usually when confronted our answers are incredibly vague. We look to turn the question on them to diffuse the line of questioning on us. If you say you are growing, okay-how? Then you may respond… “In all kinds of ways, you just can’t see it.”  Ok, great name one!

I’ll wait…

If people cannot see your growth then you must not be growing in a positive direction. Growth is seen not only in you, but in your actions and how you present your character. Not your reputation.

If you have effectively learned something you are coming into the evolution of a changed person.

Pinpoint the areas you need to evolve in.

Grow to be better!

Stop relying on what you already know. Go out on a limb and chase greatness. Stop saying…

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