What’s Your Social Networth?

Who do you claim to be? An alter ego, or the mild-mannered “reality?”  Have you lost sight of who you are to fit into a box with transparent walls?
The network of temporary fulfillment? The leader, or the follower?
We were not popular back in the day and now have a newfound sense of self with the advent of Facebook and Twitter. Social networks give rise to the high school mentality of belonging to something!
Your character cannot be the persona your lead in an alternate internet reality.
Do we see the celebrity in front of the screen? Many people in the industry of life are two-faced! Can you be one person in the dark and genuine in the light?
Do you know your social net worth?
Too many of us get lessons in life and general information from people who aren’t equipped to handle their life. How can you follow someone like a pastor, teacher, etc. when they are constantly changing themselves to conform to what you want? Do you question the validity and accuracy of the information you get?
You cannot follow someone who doesn’t have it right themselves, that’s the blind leading the blind!
The ones you follow have a complex about who they are as well! Online celebrities have to adjust all the time to keep up with their fan base, YOU!
Pastors, teachers, and personalities have an obligation to lead people where they need to go, BUT if you don’t do your own homework you will be lead according to an opinion! If people accept a leadership position they are held to a different standard. Is that fair? Probably not, yet that is the time we live in.
It’s a shame that a small percentage of the world controls the majority of the public opinion! The ones who don’t have should control what they think.  
Pray, submit, grow to revolutionize!

3 thoughts on “What’s Your Social Networth?

  1. Mercy says:

    Well put… this has got me thinking again and again about my social network… thank you sir, thanking God for your ministry 🙂

  2. Mercy says:

    I like the painting and the banner… this is one cool looking blog by the way…

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