Do You Know Your Mate?

The one person you think you know.

You don’t.

You spend quality time

learning their tendencies.

You see who they choose to be when they are with you.

That is the person you want within you.

The person you want to share your world with.

I do not want to live without you.

Do you?

Holding them, holds you accountable to keep them safe.

Chances are you have opened your heart to show them your character.

How long can you be what they see?

Is it a facade or are you showing them a preview of your reality?

I realize that we wear a mask of being who we are,

and as we learn another person we often mold ourselves into the checklist of standards they have for us.


we usually fit the mold,

but there are some areas we lack in.

I am a nice guy. It’s not a role, but being nice is not enough!


2 thoughts on “Do You Know Your Mate?

  1. Dion Parkins says:

    Todd, it is a facade until the “real” person appears, then you find yourself, asking is this the person I know or fell in love with, and can I really live without them? Yes we mold oursleves into becoming “what” someone wants or think, however, this “molding” facade becomes a continuum, we can’t become what is wanted or desire.

    • Dion you are right. We can try as much as we may, yet you cannot run away from who you are. You always show up. May not be on your time, but when you have had enough of being what they want, you can truly be yourself.

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