Mystery Man

A man is no longer a mystery.

The dawn of reality is upon us as he opens up.

Curtains please.

Understand the definition I portray is no longer a farce.

It’s no longer a dream.

I’m willing to share my one part harmony to flow with poetry.

I no longer have to scheme.

I give thanks for breathing in your requests. The agony. The pain.

The thrill of victory!

The repetitive cries out to hear the nightmare that day time has been without.

Man we are patiently waited upon.

Patiently there is no need to daydream when you can see men.

I don’t have to barter my melody for the melancholy of make-believe that was fed to you about me.

No more moments of silence as you ask ” is a man a dream?”

I no longer live in make-believe.

Believe I can compliment you.

Are you ready to compliment me?


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