Man’s Best Friend

You have never  downplayed an idea, dream or expectation that seemed out of reach.

You let me know, live in serenity. Serene!You see the best in me when the worst was the reprobate allusions to the reality of my ambition.

The person who truly understands me is my best friend.

You’ve never patronized me.

You weren’t physically there but your heart always held me.

Thoughts of your voice consoled  my soul with your compassion and humility.

You never let me off the hook.

You shared in my struggles, and rejoiced when you saw the fruition of my ambitions.

You’ve seen me fail.

Seen me ball my eyes out when the wounds deeply affected my walk when I fell.

It often lessened my walk to a crawl.

In my weakness your strength carried me to safety. I desired greatness. I yearned for more.

Today I have grown into who you always saw.

A man.

A father.

A lion uncaged by rules.

You still treat me the same intense way.

Respect, honor, appreciation are the words you use when you explain how I grew into what seemed impossible.  

Faith in thoughts.

You knew my spirit would have a new name. 

How did you know me? 


3 thoughts on “Man’s Best Friend

  1. Let's Talk says:

    Yes, HE is my bestfriend as well. The only being that has ever shown me Agape love. Thats beautiful Todd. No words can really describe, how awesome HE is, but yours came close.

    • Thank you very much, I can only paint how I feel with the words from my heart. Its the only way I can paint without ever seeing the pallette in front of my. I paint a beautiful reality from the recesses of my mind. I paint my dreams!

  2. JadaRae says:

    This is absolutely wonderful, and so true on every level. In a world when friends are hard to come by, let alone keep, He is the only one that remains a friend.

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