Tired of Me?

I write because I think too much.

Bored with questions.

I want answers.

I gave up on my ambitions when I lied to my dreams.

I’m too hard!

Lying to you. Lying to the my character.

The reality of my thoughts set the tone for what would not be.

I walked through the lives of other people. A mirage of a deferred dreams!

I turned up their volume while I muted me. I could only hear what they had to say about me.

I was too busy obsessing over how emotions dealt with love, life, and misery.

I tried to yell cut, but I was intrigued by the need to pay attention to their fallacies.

Have I lost me? Has my displeasure evoked an emotional rollercoaster with no end in sight?

I was deeply entrenched in heartache. Todd lost the roadmap to me.

Can I use GPS (God’s Positioning System) to reach me? Be who God envisioned in me?

I’m sorry. I know I love you, yet are you tired of me?


One thought on “Tired of Me?

  1. Nice poem. simple words describing high emotions. Liked it.

    I have written a poem with similar theme. Poem.

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