Cosby Show(ed) Us

The Cosby Show

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The Cosby Show changed the way society looks at African American’s in their social, and economic ties to everyday living. The writer’s of the Cosby Show gave a strong look into how some African American’s lived during the 80’s.

The production didn’t depict what society thought African American’s lived like, but showed how they moved up from a small beginning to making it work in the New York.

Through the eyes of society the Cosby Show changed the stereotypical roots of thought. Showing the world that African-American’s can be doctors and provide a structure to family life. Even though they had made it “out of the woods” the characters did not stray from their roots.

The main characters were an African-American male (Dr. Huxtable) who was an only child, and his wife (Claire Huxtable) a lawyer who bring up kids in a middle class brownstone in New York.

Living in New York shows the diversity at which the director of the production was trying to reach. The Huxtable’s had five children who live in and out of the house during the duration of the show. This portrays how the children grow up under the tutelage of their parents, and how they come “home” for advice.

Every Thursday night the Huxtable’s ushered in another aspect of the way African American’s could live. They were an African American family that was making it! A family living the American dream.

If the director was not successful it would not have been the longest running syndicated black situation comedy to date. The director clearly got his point across to the ever-growing following of the show. In partaking the task of doing this show, the production team for the Cosby Show added a flavor to TV that had never been seen before. The evolution of the African-American lifestyle, and TV was changed.

It truthfully shaped and molded the way I looked at my family, and how I looked at others. Being an African-American during the shows running period it showed me that reality could come true for people of color. I’m glad the show ran for as long as it did as it helped me discover who I really was, and to never be ashamed.


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