The secret garden of your passion is hidden from me. I can see the zeal you have for life as you live out your purpose instinctively.

I value your drive.

I water your life by the eyes of meticulous gardening.

I want to see you grow.

I feed you the fertilizer that maximizes the potential of your dreams. I wont kill you with pesticides.

In my mind I realize you are a growing prize with the potential to save lives. Your mind is a beautiful place that is hidden from the real world.

I need you to show the growth of your life. It hasn’t been sunshine, yet the rain has helped you grow into a beautiful life.

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4 thoughts on “Garden

  1. J Rasha says:


  2. Ryanne says:

    You won’t kill me with pesticides rather pollinate me like an experienced bee.

    Yayyyyy! My first comment.

  3. Ryanne says:

    My all time favorite poem.

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