Hip-Hop Lied

For those who say hip-hop is alive are lying to its loyal fans. Industry insiders cry foul out albums sales, and parade around the advance money to show off a fallible lifestyle.

I beg to differ!

In the landscape of today’s music artist are now as to do a song and dance to have others hand in the cookie jar of their brand. Can we market our look? Can they sell sex? Can a 360 deal bring the label success?

No longer is music about the art. Labels want people who can create a quick buzz. Hum a tune. Have YouTube success. The overnight sensation that dies overnight.

Hip-hop is now the Uncle Tom of music that no longer has a visible genre to lay claim to. They have pimped the content of an artist to sell some headphones. ” The Machine” markets society’s idea of whats in style and not what is timeless.

Artist pimp the newest product of the day. Market with a team of people who barely know their real name. Often you can insert the JET Beauty of the Week that was discovered last week to market hip-hop.

It’s really a painful reality when die-hard fans of music cannot appreciate what hop-hop has become. The radio has become the airwaves of spins that most won’t play at all. The same songs on each radio station. The same top 8, the infamous exclusive that I can hear on any station. We don’t need innovation, we need hip-hop to convey life, not fantasy.

Can we get an artist to do a freestyle, and not recite the rhymes of a studio altered song? Can you even do a live show? Today artist cannot connect with their fan base because they are disconnected from the garbage they pass off as music.

Go unplugged!

Do shows at smaller venues. No wait, that doesn’t sell! Nevermind!

Do you even know there are musicians in revive the live that are bringing the color back into hip-hop. They are bringing real sound back to life.

People need to know the roots of hip-hop and be taught the history of the art. We can get hip-hop back if we take the capitalist bureaucrats out of the music and leave the numbers to the boardroom. Take a look at Outkast. Emulate a young Nas to see how something from scratch can bring sparks to flames.

To the underground artist being underground means that you don’t sell so you have to take it upon yourself to sell. Artist in the game don’t know about hard work. Grinding work! You have so many people on team built to make their money, while you spend away today.

It seems the industry have people, who need people, who have other people to confirm their artist is the next best thing.


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