Flashlight in the Daytime

I ignore the heartache of this empty space. I’m looking up to get out of here.

Can you help me find my way? I wanted to help the world, so I carved a space. Too bad I fell into a desolate facade.

A helpless mindstate.

No GPS, no signal, I’m on my roam.

I left my mental capacity chasing space, and right before me was the best way to escape.

I wanted to get away from feelings of unrest, but unless I find a way, my love will never be the same. I wish I didn’t feel this way. I stooped to a new low to help, yet I feel insane. Am I going mad trying to explain what remains?

I look towards the heavens seeking mental rain. A brainstorm of negativity flooded my brain. I’m chasing the dream of helping everyone. I’m drinking the elixir of my own tears.

A mental strain.


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