I stand over you to cast a shadow on the doubt that is under hands. We hold inside the understanding that came before us. Now I overstand the commands and virtuous plans they had for woman and man.

They instituted a doctrine of ideals, and morals we were to follow. Problem is we evolved into tomorrow without looking back into today.

I understand because I overstand on the principles of their life. I looked over their mistakes, moved past the yesterday’s that now shape life. No longer is understanding a lexicography of words used as a maze to amaze me about the old days.

Today is a new day.

I overstand when I speak to you because I deciphered the fantasy that was amassed in your reality. I saw the words you could not see.

When you spoke to me I heard the double entendre you graced inside me. You allowed me to think in more than one dimension. I seek words that were previously hidden within me. You helped me find the character of who I need be.


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