So High

After the emotional high of that summer feeling, my heart goes into emotional rehab. The season of my affection has changed but the humidity of summer leaves my heart in vain.

Fields of subliminal bliss overcome my heart. The weather goes from intense feelings to the paltry depths of a  cold, cold world.

As I awake from the world a distant you appears. I realize that your love has not escaped me. I am taken aback to peel the petals of your beauty. The warmness of your color takes me away from any season of  numb feeling.

You are my private island. Secluded from everything other than trust. When the world is cold, I feel the cool sensation of your breath on my body. The thought of our LOVE always leaves me with that spring summer feeling that tingles throughout my body.

Like a clock with no hands I can put my life on pause and rewind to those beautiful moments that stopped time. I am alive knowing I can touch your love.

Your fragrance leaving my pores open. You take me away every time I think of your warm vessel, every inch of your body is known by my touch, and that leads me to my own emotional attainment. It’s the love of you, not lust.


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