Dear Women, Are You “Supposed to Wait?”

“Waiting too long is knowing what you needed, and realizing it wasn’t Him!”


How long are you supposed to wait for him to get his act together?

Should he be perfect?

Ladies how long should you wait for a man to mature?  Is it about the “waiting game?” or about the need to drop selfishness?

Traditionally, women ‘s imagery of what a “good” man should look like parallels a fairy tale.  This unrealistic portrayal of what a man is supposed be lingers with some woman today.

Men look to give everything a woman desires. Fix every problem, and spoil her to the nth degree. We do this because we were designed, trained, and told this is what a “man” does!

When it comes to men living up to some women’s preset standards, how can you expect “your” perfection overnight?

Was the fairy tale an illusion of a care giving man catering to a selfish woman?

How long should you wait?

You shouldn’t! If the man you desire is ordained for you, you should have patience!

Do you believe in your man?

The difference between waiting and having patience is a woman waiting remains in rest of expectations.  Over time she grows into the definition of impatience. 

A temporary state of being neglected.

In this state of repose she will not be satisfied until something she expects happens!

What are your expectations of  men?

Are your expectations unrealistic for your man?

A patient woman has the ability, the willingness to suppress her restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay. She has a quiet, steady perseverance; even-tempered care; diligence!

Do you have the patience for a God driven man? Are you a God driven woman, or are you driven by success alone?

You cannot wait  for a male to give you tangible possessions you should already possess.

A woman is what a man desires. He yearns to be the man you need him to be while practicing patience as a virtue! This man you are “waiting on” needs to build towards a loving relationship with himself first and foremost to appreciate his time with you.   

STOP being selfish! Growth has no time limit!

If the male you are “waiting on” has no plan, no vision, no guidance, no faith, and is not spirit driven, he will not teach or reach you. It will be apparent in how he handles you, and circumstances of his true character.

A man who is patiently working towards giving you his all plans to take care of his responsibilities, and desires that his actions and words hold his character accountable.  

He desires appreciation!

It’s not about waiting! It’s about knowing your limitations. Do you trust his vision?  

Love knows how to treat someone other than yourself!

How deep is your patience?


6 thoughts on “Dear Women, Are You “Supposed to Wait?”

  1. Mercy says:

    How deep is my patience?? Deep insights!! Thank you for this sir! Looking into it… Blessings to you!

  2. Tonia says:

    I always thought “how long should I wait?” I never wanted to give up because it will feel and seem as if I did not believe in that individual. The thought of one not having no vision, no plan always disturbed me, but I never gave up. I was hoping I can help him create a vision, a plan and possibly a hope for future; yet, I realized “I” had the plan , but “he” didn’t so……should I wait or should I leave? It still puzzles me.

    • You should not wait at all. I feel you should however be patient with that person if you understand and feel this person is working towards their goal. Often we get caught in what appears to be growth, and in actuality it is a stagnant person that changes shape yet remains the same. People with a vision, plan, a future has accomplishments whether big or small that happen along the way towards their main goal. There is nothing wrong with seeing the best in another person, but if they do not see, or act upon knowing who they are you will have the ideas, you will have the drive, yet no one will be in the car to drive the ambition!

      • Tonia says:

        Wow, I wasn’t sure if I lost hope in this person. You are right, I can help and put everything out there but I cannot make him do it. He needs to want it for himself. Thanks.

  3. luvmyaka says:

    This is a hard topic for me. However, right now I am not waiting on “him”, I am waiting on God. The things that God has revealed to me during my singleness and the vision that he has given me, I am quite sure that a strong, God-fearing and man of vision is who God is preparing for me. So many times in the past I went back to who was familiar because of my children. But their father has proven time and time again that he is not the man that God has or intended for me. So as I allow patience to have its perfect work, I am believing that none will be lacking.

  4. evie730 says:

    wowwwww…this take it to a whole other level that I wasn’t quite thinking about. so true. We are both a work in process. The growth in our walk in God alone is a lifetime journey. So we as women should be willing to grow with our men. wow…nice post!

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