I Think I Know Women!

I know other men tried to get at you. I’m the man who wants to be into you. Not the physical challenge of trying to conquer your cloths that become unclothed when they spoke sweet nothings.


I’m trying to imagine the somethings that grace your space that no man has unlaced. The virtue that sparks a few intimate details of where you want to go with your intellect and emotional flow. They have no idea what life has put your through.

I think I do.

I know because I listen to the breath you breath. The motion of your walk, the scent that captures the essence of you. I pay attention to the smile across your heart too.

The intricate details of listening to you starts when I stare into your mind by sleeping in your hearts view. I appreciate your character because I can feel what God is doing through you.

How do you think I came to meet you? My relationship with God was a bridge to meet the virtue in you.


2 thoughts on “I Think I Know Women!

  1. Mercy says:

    Wow! Niiice!!!! I liiike it =) like it!

  2. “I appreciate your character because I can feel what God is doing through you.” ENOUGH SAID!

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