Distinguished Gentleman

I am the responsibility my parents instilled in me. I desire trust. I know I will be depended on. I desire being the image of a husband that a woman blushes upon when she talks about the compliments I blend in her life.

I’m the prayer prayed for. The miracle that comes true. The honest answer that speaks no and screams yes to being up front.

Choosing a woman is one thing, but complimenting a lifelong virtue is another. As a man I desire to meet the needs I have placed before myself, yet if I feel complete, why has a woman expressed that I can be incomplete according to her standards?

Who creates the standards, and why do I have to follow your rules? I don’t have rules I have beliefs and standards that are spiritually the foundation of what I am choosing for the rest of my life.

Do I always follow the standards. No!

I wont lie! They are the rules of engagement that are what I desire when I look into a woman.

There is no word that can describe me. You cannot compare me to another man.

Todd is not the last man, but I desire to become the first man to compliment who you are, but you have to know who you are!

I cannot define you if I am not the definition of a woman. I am a man!

I’m not that father but I am a father. I’m not those dad’s but I am a dad. I understand my actions speak louder than words. Do you listen to what I say? If you are too busy looking for the wrong thing how will you know when the right thing happens?

Being a man, a father, a servant, etc. is not about how easy or how hard my life can be. I want a woman who understands that it is a challenge. Understands that I know her life isn’t easy either, and it is a daily application of love to be who we say we are. A woman who can take criticism, and can also dish out compassion with a twist of empathy.

She can speak to me from a place of love. This woman will reach me, teach me, and allow me to see that women are not all judgemental, detective like, bitter, and all encompassing emotional.

I need her to understand I have emotions. As a man I should be privileged to be portray my emotions. Culture and society cannot define me. They do not sleep with my thoughts, rule my world, or dictate my spiritual relationship.


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