Fight or Flight

I have to get it right. This is the way I will take flight. My departure is long overdue. I know your waiting on my flight but the arrival time isn’t right. 

When will the time be right? I think the moment has passed.

Have I lost you? 

They told me subliminally the best way to reach you was to do what they did. To relive empty nights. That’s a horrid way to live. 

I haven’t taken off because the time’s not right. I’m afraid to fly. I’m afraid to try what hasn’t been done. I’d rather complain on why my plane hasn’t taken off.

That’s why I cry. 

I can talk a good walk, but you need me to fly. The journey’s been long. Hopefully you’ll remember me. The call over empty cans cannot replace me holding you in my arms.

Will you still reach for my hand when I reach out my palms?


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