We hang on to hurt, relationships, attitudes and emotions like unclaimed baggage, yet we claim we  lost them at the terminal of emotions.

“People carry-on grudges, bearing the emotional bickering of complaints. Sometimes we nurse a grudge to growth!”

We feed the issue, let it grow, and then everything is full-grown!

As much as we say all is forgiven we hold fast to how we felt. The pain permeates our pores, and pours the cold sweat of hurt.

Everyday we look to lose weight while we continue to gain complaints.

We carry around the old baggage adding new people, relationships, beliefs, acquaintances, jobs, etc. to the fold!

Our back can not handle the pressure as we inch closer to the wall.

Complaints add worry to the weight you bear, adding more baggage to your frame of mind. 

A foundation that is already cracking at the cornerstone!

“But I have been hurt in the past!” you exclaim…

So what! We all have!

Carrying a grudge gives life to the person, issue, or hurt you need to come to terms with. You continuously get sucker punched in the kidney!

You gave ‘IT’ power!  

Once you have forgiven that does not mean you have given something up. Forgivness is saying “I have opened up my heart.” I choose to receive the message of how to repair a wound.


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