Todd vs. Alexander

I carry the emotions of my heart on my shoulder. My life is written on my sleeve, yet the world seems colder.

I may have a thick skin but I can’t keep the heat in the conceals the darkness. I want to live in light. I fight on, but as I get older my temptations get bolder.

The life I lead gets magnifies whether I lie or testify someone is looking me in the eye. In the mirror I am the judge, the jury and the guilty inside.

Patterned ways lead me to stray from where God stays. I sleep Inn with fear and awake to arrogance and pride.

I can’t get over the temptation I should. Every time I think I get over the boulder the avalanche of the past cascades the words I told.

Truth be told the more I’m around me the more lies get over.

Grey hairs show stresses glaring omission. My advance is only title and not in maturity.

Immaturity grows in losing the purity of learning a lesson the first time.

I repeat my life imprisoned by my fear of living life.


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