Guilty Innocence

I cannot believe you are not by my side. You chose to mask your facade behind the crowd.

You lied!

They heard your calling while I was reaching out for help.

You chose to reach out for self, and the self-hate that sounded like self-help.

The smile that was worth while is the detriment to the crooked eyes that cowl through your sinister smile.

I was the reason for your smile. Now the reason you smile is to mock my trials. The opinion of the court marks me guilty.

They didn’t need you, but you complimented me.

Am I guilty?


One thought on “Guilty Innocence

  1. Kai says:

    This reminds me of Common’s “Testify”. A great synopsis of how women use their wiles to get their way and how they fool others as they go about it. Great piece Ddot.

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