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Busy Signals

I claim busy but I have time to tweet, and eat the words of a twitter feed.

You don’t have the time to call, but have the gall to log on to  thinking I won’t check to see if the green light is on.

So I go, check my feelings over the vibrations of your song, text messages are your answer. I miss the live feed of a phone call.

All you wanted was a quiet moment alone to tell me ‘I live to hear you breathe over the phone” I didn’t want you to speak.

I needed to know you would put down the Bat phone and phone home to check in with love.

Did I ask for too much, or do you have a problem with keeping in touch?


2 thoughts on “Busy Signals

  1. Yes, in our age of technology, we must never forget that the most purest more of communication still is needed & crucial to maintaining relationships. I rather have an old fashion letter/ card in your handwriting or hear your voice over the phone or even more face to face quality time. We need to give the gift of ourselves vs. technology as a substitute. Nothing can be a substitute for the real you. We need to make the time & effort for those we care for and not let other things rob our time from those we treasure. Technology is just a tool. Relationships are priceless.

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