Daily Archives: April 8, 2011

Are You Serious?

Wearing a serious face allows my smile to lay inside me.

The pain of my fight is shown in my face as I walk lonely streets.

No one walks with me, yet who carries me? I don’t need your sympathy because life isn’t all I breathe.

I dream.

I see through a kaleidoscope of mystery as I navigate through illusions that pose as dreams.

Coping with the reality of temptations, I often balk at the thought of faith. everyday doesn’t have to be a replay of yesterday.

I smile inside to love outside of what I can see.

The pace I set resides in my heart as it makes the sound of each heartbeat.

I will choose to walk in sync with a faith-based life when my thoughts are fixated on the charity that resides inside.

A heart that loves more than it lies.


Personal Values

I value your opinion but I appreciate my mind.

I don’t ask you for permission, yet I ask you please be kind.

I no longer need you for playback.

I rewind time to learn I’ll be fine.

My mind is a beautiful place when occupied by thoughts of love.

I don’t need your lust, love is my beautiful mind.