Poetic Justice

It Was All Good

2 minutes ago I said I love you, and now you don’t believe me.

Sometimes I pray that I don’t punk out.

God my family needs me.

I need sanity.

How do I explain who I am, if I’m portraying a false reality?

A beautiful man who understands but follows his truth. 

Who are you?

I want to keep them close, yet my heart beats in my mental compartments.

The walls of my past encase a heart that’s been through concussions.

I lose memories after the falls.

They need to trust me, but I can even recognize who I am.

Am I dad, son, friend?

Is the spirit I hold trustworthy of being trusted again?

I want to offer my heart and there is no excuse.

Sometimes I sit back and become invisible.

I look, but the shadows overcast doubt that clouds miracles.

I question my role in life.

Do I understand my responsibilities or do I respond to lies?

How do I reply?


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