Interior Design

Everyone has a vision statement to claim! But out of all the recessive lights who will put in the constructive work?

There will always be a next.

A portrait of paint by numbers, to add or subtract from the lien put on your internal home-made dreams.

From Melting Pot luck, society brings a dream of mediocrity to everyone’s opening scene.

Remember, there is always someone ready to exploit the ideas of the next “it” person.

Always someone to pillage the village of your God given theme!

But who wants to put in the time to build, a palace of aspirations, the respiration, to breathe life into God’s inspiration?

Life has shown that talk is cheap; it costs you nothing to pay me your mind, if we pay attention the change will come in time!

opportunities are made from scratch. Through the lens of rustic flashlights of silence are those ingenious ideas of faith driven dialects birthed in the darkness of public doubts.

No one but God knows how far you will climb, or how far you will go. They have gassed you up for a long time, now its your turn to shut up and drive thru what God has destined to do for you!

Not everyone in your screen will play along with the cast that God has thrown into the pot of affections and streams.

From days to hours, minutes, to seconds, thirds to umpthteenth times your vision should never be viewed in the view of the people in your zone. The more and more you speak the more you devalue your God’s property!

The aura and the allure are whats in store, don’t sell the farm. God’s plan is for you and you alone! How can you possibly talk your way out of God’s daytime minutes, only to lose your family plan?

When you broadcast your newsflash across the jumbotron of the public’s eye you are clearly becoming the CNN of your busi-ness!

The idleness of leaving your dreams in park will let people around you take the keys to your happiness and allow them to valet park the wrong notes!

Too many of us need to hear the approved message of others to approve the message that was already approved by the most High! It was already impregnated in our DNA.

Do Not Assume

God didn’t want to do it his way!


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