I Keep…

I keep

I keep on believing, I keep on achieving, I keep on pressing forward because God broke my rewind button. 

I keep loving because it is within me. I keep praying because it strengthens what God already has for me.

I keep helping because God is sending a message through me. I keep writing because it is the potential of talent that exudes from God’s dream. 

I keep smiling because I have blessings all around me. I keep thanking God because fear almost killed me.
I keep laughing because I believe more than I have ever believed. 

God is making an example out of me.

I keep smiling because my daughters are the best of me. I keep reaching because God is not done with me. I keep love, because I desire to marry it’s unconditional reality. 

I keep striving for better because it is the man God is making me. I keep a positive attitude because I cry when I  need you. 

The tears keep me humble to show that I am weak with compassion and empathy. I keep striving to be the image you imagined when you birthed me.


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