My Heart To Yours

Honestly Speaking

I was blinded when I laid eyes on you. Your physical presence attracted me, but the smile was mutual.


I wanted to look deeper as you spoke.

An interview with you.

Your use of language enthralled me.

Your body language caused my synapses to fire.

My thoughts were pure.

I wanted to get to know you.

Oddly in that instance I felt closer to you.

At that moment time stopped, my mind went into seclusion and my heart sat down to listen to you.

No talking because I couldn’t speak. I understood now was the time to listen.

No inturrupting you.

My breath was taken away by the life you spoke into me, now I can breathe.

Pain free.

God was speaking to me.

Telling me “she is a blessing if you pay attention and listen”

My Heart To Yours

My Heart Speaks

God I prayed for what I wanted, yet you knew what I needed. I desire to be complete, but the compliment is deeply seeded.

I know I’m not complete.

I understand that you will compliment me with the help that will aid growing into a complete me.

Whatever is for me , I know you will reveal it.

Not the facade I created, but the genuine me you are healing.

Honestly I want to be the man of my dreams.

The shortcomings, the falls. I no longer want them to incapacitate me.

Those moments brought me to this moment to realize I am growing.

The lessons must not be repeated as misery.

Thank you for the discernment of knowing I need to be better.

Growth is best measured when placed against another person.

Thank you for placing her in my life to see who I can be.