Toddrick Alexander

The only snack-pack I have is filled with the nourishment of God keeping me filled to the beat of a different drummer. No stretch Hummer to elongate my ego, no Beyonce feat. Kanye West as a theme song. An eloquent being, of the hopes and dreams made with God’s blessings that makes hope float in the flood of nonsense that comes to us daily. God’s safety orange preserves his words in us and helps the collective see without feelings, touch without seeing, testify with no judge or jury. Todd Covington’s heart has come alive to illustrate the clockwork efficency of God without society. Shut off the flashlight of selfishness, and let God shine his mercy and grace on our lives. God shattered worldly myths to make my testimony come to life. Call me what you may, Bible Thumper, Jesus Freak… One thing is certain I love my God enough to take his words at face value. Follow God as Todd brings the Living word back into the closed caption world! Follow the words not the body language.


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