My Heart To Yours

First Glance

A first glance.

A gorgeous advance.

A second chance to enhance your reality of a handsome face.

A third conversation to let you undress me and caress the man you cannot see.

You want to make sure the first impression is now what you see.

That split second of time is now a life of moments built over the beginning of our reality.



No need to put your baggage down.

You arent staying!

Ive heard enough of the pain and the lies.

My heart was your alibi as you led and murdered what I had in store.

You changed me, rearranged me, and enhanced my feelings about love.

The emotional token you left went unspoken.

It gained entry into a minefield of rejection.

Affection was gained, yet trust was lost.

You won my mind, and now my heart is gone.



Sometimes change isn’t what is at hand.

Sometimes you have to out work your doubt, refocus your perception onto the truth.

Outwork your motivation.

Move through the “no’s” you’ve told yourself.

It’s not that other people have an opinion. It’s the judgment you have of yourself that isn’t always the brightest.

A spark comes from knowing you can ignite your own flame without others watching. No audience is needed when your canvas is drawn with your hue. Let your color leave its mark on how you see things.

My Heart To Yours

Hello To You

It’s a pleasure to greet you.

Love is see through when you allow the restrictions you place on reality to open the dreams within you.

A place of peace and joy unknown.

A serenity unseen in fear that you can now call home.

Partake of the nectar of your growth, believing in what you see with eyes that sleep.

Awake to your fruition.

Hello… to you.

My Heart To Yours

Honestly Speaking

I was blinded when I laid eyes on you. Your physical presence attracted me, but the smile was mutual.


I wanted to look deeper as you spoke.

An interview with you.

Your use of language enthralled me.

Your body language caused my synapses to fire.

My thoughts were pure.

I wanted to get to know you.

Oddly in that instance I felt closer to you.

At that moment time stopped, my mind went into seclusion and my heart sat down to listen to you.

No talking because I couldn’t speak. I understood now was the time to listen.

No inturrupting you.

My breath was taken away by the life you spoke into me, now I can breathe.

Pain free.

God was speaking to me.

Telling me “she is a blessing if you pay attention and listen”

My Heart To Yours

My Heart Speaks

God I prayed for what I wanted, yet you knew what I needed. I desire to be complete, but the compliment is deeply seeded.

I know I’m not complete.

I understand that you will compliment me with the help that will aid growing into a complete me.

Whatever is for me , I know you will reveal it.

Not the facade I created, but the genuine me you are healing.

Honestly I want to be the man of my dreams.

The shortcomings, the falls. I no longer want them to incapacitate me.

Those moments brought me to this moment to realize I am growing.

The lessons must not be repeated as misery.

Thank you for the discernment of knowing I need to be better.

Growth is best measured when placed against another person.

Thank you for placing her in my life to see who I can be.


I Keep…

I keep

I keep on believing, I keep on achieving, I keep on pressing forward because God broke my rewind button. 

I keep loving because it is within me. I keep praying because it strengthens what God already has for me.

I keep helping because God is sending a message through me. I keep writing because it is the potential of talent that exudes from God’s dream. 

I keep smiling because I have blessings all around me. I keep thanking God because fear almost killed me.
I keep laughing because I believe more than I have ever believed. 

God is making an example out of me.

I keep smiling because my daughters are the best of me. I keep reaching because God is not done with me. I keep love, because I desire to marry it’s unconditional reality. 

I keep striving for better because it is the man God is making me. I keep a positive attitude because I cry when I  need you. 

The tears keep me humble to show that I am weak with compassion and empathy. I keep striving to be the image you imagined when you birthed me.

Articles of Opinion

Being a “good man” isn’t enough!

A good man isn’t hard to find! There are good men throughout the community. In churches, schools, homes, jail, and right in front of you.

Question is how many men are willing to become unselfish, righteous (not religious), and live their lives as a model?

I know a good man when I see one because I see myself everyday in the mirror. I have a great voice, beautiful ideas and thoughts that resonate with others, but something is missing from the mirror.

Hidden behind the handsome image, quality conversation and beautiful body language is a man that while good, lacks the spiritual relationship to heed his own words.

It’s one thing when a man knows the truth, but it’s another when he knows and ignores it to become the reality of his lies.

As men we need to become the model of what other growing boys need to see. They need a blueprint into what they are to be one day. Women need to see what a real man looks like so she can understand what to expect and look for when she seeks a relationship.

Men let’s be very clear. Often we do not realize we are a vision of God that others look to. We have to be able to come forward and admit in our selfishness that we let people down that mean the most to us.

We cheat people out of choices, voices and lie to the person they have come to know and love. They need to know who we are by our consistent life, not the mistakes we lead.

I can admit in selfishness I have let friends, family, and my daughters down. They expected me to do what I said I would, and instead I chose to look out for myself. Men I know it can be hard, but if we hold a spiritual relationship we must believe through faith that God is shaping us into the pillars of strength that will hold up our character.

Gentlemen, it’s ok that we want people to look at us as men, but we have to act as a real men! They have to see the God in us when we doing what we are supposed to do. We need to stop knowing who we shouldn’t be and start asking God who we should be!

The longer we go without spiritual accountability, the longer we will be permitted to operate in a place of fear and insecurity.

No woman wants an insecure man that she cannot feel safe with, respect, or trust. We are losing our title as men because we aren’t living up to the “good” we show.

Ladies a good man isn’t hard to find! A man who is comfortable with his heart, soul, and who he is, is ready to be a consistent part of your life. Empathy and compassion are what drives his will to want the best for you, first.

In selfishness some men have blinded what they believe into an alternate life of truth, twisted into lies.

We often fear being honest. Gentlemen we have to realize we make mistakes, and they are correctable if we speak up!

Men we can no longer run toward irresponsibility only to fall into a pit of the reality of our ego. If we choose that life we choose a life of failed relationships, blame, insecurity, fear, lost friends, divided family, and not being able to let the people in that God has for our lives.

I want to see men as the model of what real men should be. It starts with you young man. It continues with the men who can repent and ask God what he needs to do.

It starts with honesty, accountability, and the confidence that God has all we need when we keep a consistent growing relationship with him.

Let’s be real with he people that we care about! We have a choice to live according to fear, or we can live in reverence to what God has promised and reach Him to reach others.

Women want to see the model of a real man! Gentlemen it takes more than being a good man to make others a consistent part of your life. What do you want them to see when they think about you?

Let us choose righteousness, and not a personal religious battle.


This Is Love!

I miss you, but you never left my sight.

The memories bear a semblance to the light before my eyes.

Even in darkness I can look into your eyes.

God I see your smile.

You are a glimmer of light that reminds me that I will be alright.

You give me inspiration to fight, scratch, claw and work towards my dreams.

I may not know the exact time I will see you, yet I can envision you in my dreams.

The reality is my dreams came to life when I saw you before my eyes. My eyes are shut. I’m learning to walk by opening my eyes.

With love,