My Heart To Yours

First Glance

A first glance.

A gorgeous advance.

A second chance to enhance your reality of a handsome face.

A third conversation to let you undress me and caress the man you cannot see.

You want to make sure the first impression is now what you see.

That split second of time is now a life of moments built over the beginning of our reality.



No need to put your baggage down.

You arent staying!

Ive heard enough of the pain and the lies.

My heart was your alibi as you led and murdered what I had in store.

You changed me, rearranged me, and enhanced my feelings about love.

The emotional token you left went unspoken.

It gained entry into a minefield of rejection.

Affection was gained, yet trust was lost.

You won my mind, and now my heart is gone.



Sometimes change isn’t what is at hand.

Sometimes you have to out work your doubt, refocus your perception onto the truth.

Outwork your motivation.

Move through the “no’s” you’ve told yourself.

It’s not that other people have an opinion. It’s the judgment you have of yourself that isn’t always the brightest.

A spark comes from knowing you can ignite your own flame without others watching. No audience is needed when your canvas is drawn with your hue. Let your color leave its mark on how you see things.

My Heart To Yours

Hello To You

It’s a pleasure to greet you.

Love is see through when you allow the restrictions you place on reality to open the dreams within you.

A place of peace and joy unknown.

A serenity unseen in fear that you can now call home.

Partake of the nectar of your growth, believing in what you see with eyes that sleep.

Awake to your fruition.

Hello… to you.

My Heart To Yours

Honestly Speaking

I was blinded when I laid eyes on you. Your physical presence attracted me, but the smile was mutual.


I wanted to look deeper as you spoke.

An interview with you.

Your use of language enthralled me.

Your body language caused my synapses to fire.

My thoughts were pure.

I wanted to get to know you.

Oddly in that instance I felt closer to you.

At that moment time stopped, my mind went into seclusion and my heart sat down to listen to you.

No talking because I couldn’t speak. I understood now was the time to listen.

No inturrupting you.

My breath was taken away by the life you spoke into me, now I can breathe.

Pain free.

God was speaking to me.

Telling me “she is a blessing if you pay attention and listen”

My Heart To Yours

My Heart Speaks

God I prayed for what I wanted, yet you knew what I needed. I desire to be complete, but the compliment is deeply seeded.

I know I’m not complete.

I understand that you will compliment me with the help that will aid growing into a complete me.

Whatever is for me , I know you will reveal it.

Not the facade I created, but the genuine me you are healing.

Honestly I want to be the man of my dreams.

The shortcomings, the falls. I no longer want them to incapacitate me.

Those moments brought me to this moment to realize I am growing.

The lessons must not be repeated as misery.

Thank you for the discernment of knowing I need to be better.

Growth is best measured when placed against another person.

Thank you for placing her in my life to see who I can be.