I Keep…

I keep

I keep on believing, I keep on achieving, I keep on pressing forward because God broke my rewind button. 

I keep loving because it is within me. I keep praying because it strengthens what God already has for me.

I keep helping because God is sending a message through me. I keep writing because it is the potential of talent that exudes from God’s dream. 

I keep smiling because I have blessings all around me. I keep thanking God because fear almost killed me.
I keep laughing because I believe more than I have ever believed. 

God is making an example out of me.

I keep smiling because my daughters are the best of me. I keep reaching because God is not done with me. I keep love, because I desire to marry it’s unconditional reality. 

I keep striving for better because it is the man God is making me. I keep a positive attitude because I cry when I  need you. 

The tears keep me humble to show that I am weak with compassion and empathy. I keep striving to be the image you imagined when you birthed me.


Rise to the Occasion

Rising out of the flames I ascent like a phoenix. For so long the underacheivers stole from my spirit. I was overrated yet underappreciated. The most hated by those who doubt outdated the thoughts that were most sacred.

They tried to rob and sabotage me. People used to call me by my old name because they knew the outside me.

Dimmed through shadowed dreams their lust outshined my beautiful dreams. I’m something so sacred even those who know me need a flashlight can’t see. My walk is given everything inside me.

No one can doubt my lay in life. I stand with love proudly.


Help You First!

Sometimes we are in a position of help and we overdo or overlook the responsibilities we have to ourselves.

We look to help others in our world, but do we remember how much of a supply and demand that takes? At times it can feel as if we are close to shore.

 Some need a kind word.

Others need a prayer to keep their family from harm. Some of us just like being able to know where to turn for a good word. 

Inspiration can lubricate the thought-provoking engine of their hearts desires.

They all sound like valid reasons to reach out but we must remember we cannot please everyone.

As a result we can quench our fire running our fuel to sustain other people’s flame.

A beacon of inspiration shines for others when our beacon of light shines brightly! We can shipwreck other people’s lives by wearing ourselves thin!

When God comes to save us, what can we say happened? Will we use the excuse that we got tired from helping for all the right reasons?

No we can’t do that!

God gives us a voice that resonates for miles around that gives sight to the blind, and a vision to those who can’t hear! We have enough fuel to move from struggle to triumph, heartache to discovery!

We can’t waste our portion. We must rank how and what we use our fuel of life for!


Do you mind? I’m working!

Do you have a mind to work?

You must if you want to get somewhere you have not been. The inability to learn how to cooperate with change allows you to stay stagnant and accelerates you towards mediocrity.

A lot of the time people think they are “making it” and are embracing the fact that they are not what they should be.

The question is what did you turn into, and are you happy with that?

If the answer is no, you really didn’t make a change, you made a transition of 360 degrees!

In order to transform positively we must desire the transformation, and embrace not only reaching the goal but maintaining the desire. 

Distractions will always be present when you are running towards your goals. Dont trip over life’s hurdles!



Old Saying

It’s amazing that we stress change, yet we are afraid to make an effective change. Change to some is a negative word. It denotes that someone is looking at me like I am not where I need to be. Maybe the person looking at you is the person that is in you!

We do not question ourselves enough! People’s questions catch us off guard because we havent been open with our true character. We do not ask what we need to know!

How do we grow and change? Have you changed lately? In the last week?  Month? If someone asked you to be specific about change would you be defensive or have a valid answer?

Usually when confronted our answers are incredibly vague. We look to turn the question on them to diffuse the line of questioning on us. If you say you are growing, okay-how? Then you may respond… “In all kinds of ways, you just can’t see it.”  Ok, great name one!

I’ll wait…

If people cannot see your growth then you must not be growing in a positive direction. Growth is seen not only in you, but in your actions and how you present your character. Not your reputation.

If you have effectively learned something you are coming into the evolution of a changed person.

Pinpoint the areas you need to evolve in.

Grow to be better!

Stop relying on what you already know. Go out on a limb and chase greatness. Stop saying…


Practice. Patience. Humility.

When we mess up it doesn’t take away our salvation. Making a mistake does not lessen who we are at that moment. We will fall short. It is our path (lessons) that makes better efforts.

Learning takes place as we lean more on God. That brings us closer to Him. We lead a selfish lives for years.


It takes practice, patience, and a humility to fall short and learn in getting it right! It wont happen overnight, but it will happen when your heart is consistently in the right place.



It’s easy to feel despair when I am focused on what others seem to have that I don’t.

God is not withholding pleasure and happiness from my life.

He is preparing me for something even greater than what others seem to have.

 Don’t fret!

Dont envy!

Have hope, for God has a plan for me and it’s more than I could ever dream.

I will relax and let Him show it to me.