This Is Love!

I miss you, but you never left my sight.

The memories bear a semblance to the light before my eyes.

Even in darkness I can look into your eyes.

God I see your smile.

You are a glimmer of light that reminds me that I will be alright.

You give me inspiration to fight, scratch, claw and work towards my dreams.

I may not know the exact time I will see you, yet I can envision you in my dreams.

The reality is my dreams came to life when I saw you before my eyes. My eyes are shut. I’m learning to walk by opening my eyes.

With love,




Love overflows.

So do not disturb the work God is fulfilling.

It’s not magic when you see the work of God in another human being.

An amazing view of God when before He was invisible to your dreams.

I may be able to view the God in you, but I strive to show you the God in me.


Love Is…

Excuse me, I don’t want to seem hard or appear more than meets the eyes. I want to be as transparent as clear skies.

I Love to Love!

Show Love. Give Love. Spread Love.

Accept Love. Share Love. Feel Loved,

Above the struggles, worries, frustration and fear that seize Love.

I live through Love to live around the arms and grace of Love.

I can’t see God, but in you I understand…

Unconditional LOVE!


Paying Compliment

There is something about love that keeps hold of me.

I’ll blame it for how I feel. Emotions get the best of me.

I forget that unconditional love consoles me.

It’s something I pray for daily, yet it’s in me.

Temptations ain’t right but lust is real to what I choose to see.

Love is the only one that has a hold on me.

So I hold tight to memories that fulfill my dreams.

They don’t complete me, but love compliments me.

Sometimes joy is the only thing I pray for.

Loves overflow refreshes me.


Come Back

Inebriated on love I’ll confess some.

I’ve loved lust and learned from temptation.

In the end the charity of life won.

Love has taken me from heartache to the testimony of the overcome.

I had to comeback to life to show I hadn’t turned my back on love.

The commencement speech of what I’ve become.

That’s love.