Poetic Justice


The days grew cold as you waited for his ego to run out. Your stomach and your breast grew. Who knew he would leave to?

He whispered words that encouraged your urge¬†to¬†forgive his actions¬†him for the meantime. In the mean time unanswered calls erased your smile. You loved him in emotion, yet your heart was the alter-ego of the¬†text’s he wrote.

You called out for answers, please speak to me. His touch was all you wanted but the pitter-patter of what mattered was your heart, it was little feat. Creeping towards the moment you would see him everyday.

He may not be around, but the child he bare lay claim to the love you made. Your appearance of love is seen everyday. You miss him, but your child cries the songs of life that lead a spiritual miracle.

They ask how can you love him, you say easy…

Look at my child’s face.

Poetic Justice

Fight or Flight

I have to get it right. This is the way I¬†will take flight. My departure is long overdue. I know your waiting on¬†my flight¬†but the arrival time isn’t right.¬†

When will the time be right? I think the moment has passed.

Have I lost you? 

They told me subliminally the best way to reach you was to do what they did. To relive empty nights. That’s a horrid way to live.¬†

I haven’t taken off because the time’s not right. I’m afraid to fly. I’m afraid to try what hasn’t been done. I’d rather complain on why my plane hasn’t taken off.

That’s why I cry.¬†

I can talk a good walk, but you need me to fly. The journey’s been long. Hopefully you’ll remember me. The call over empty cans cannot replace me holding you in my arms.

Will you still reach for my hand when I reach out my palms?

Poetic Justice


Needles of love inject me with the faith they have in drugs.

 They want a hit, I just want touches of love.

But I relapse into selfishness.

My heart attacks by succumbing to the illusion that everything is mine.

I’ve loved before but I come back to the stolen emotions that steal time.¬†Didn’t they¬†say that love is blind?

 Love of self. Love to get over. Love to disappoint.

I relapse into the seclusion of broken moments. I allow fear to set in as the high comes in.

I breathe in the world and exhale a sinister grin.

Love is seeping through the cracks of character I sleep in.

I relapse.

Poetic Justice

Mood Music

As the sands of time glide by, the rhythm of your body flows against the sounds of love. The strings of your heart play in my mind as we seamlessly intertwine. Together we form the most beautiful symphony. A harmony that elicits a never ending melody.

Every sting is plucked; every heartbeat is felt in touch.   Pulsating bass that goes thru us as we continue to enjoy OUR music. I am high as watch the orchestrated precision of our love musical. Watching. Wanting, and listening for more. 

I always want an encore, but the silent screams of silence implore I continue on. 

Maybe a different song?

Every song I feel never feels the same, but you leave me spellbound.

Wait, I forgot my name?

Poetic Justice

So High

After the emotional high of that summer feeling, my heart goes into emotional rehab. The season of my affection has changed but the humidity of summer leaves my heart in vain.

Fields of subliminal bliss overcome my heart. The weather goes from intense feelings to the paltry depths of a  cold, cold world.

As I awake from the world a distant you appears. I realize that your love has not escaped me. I am taken aback to peel the petals of your beauty. The warmness of your color takes me away from any season of  numb feeling.

You are my private island. Secluded from everything other than trust. When the world is cold, I feel the cool sensation of your breath on my body. The thought of our LOVE always leaves me with that spring summer feeling that tingles throughout my body.

Like a clock with no hands I can put my life on pause and rewind to those beautiful moments that stopped time. I am alive knowing I can touch your love.

Your fragrance leaving my pores open. You take me away every time I think of your warm vessel, every inch of your body is known by my touch, and that leads me to my own emotional attainment. It’s the love of you, not lust.

Poetic Justice


I stand over you to cast a shadow on the doubt that is under hands. We hold inside the understanding that came before us. Now I overstand the commands and virtuous plans they had for woman and man.

They instituted a doctrine of ideals, and morals we were to follow. Problem is we evolved into tomorrow without looking back into today.

I understand because I overstand on the principles of their life. I looked over their mistakes, moved past the yesterday’s that now shape life. No longer is understanding a lexicography of words used as a maze to amaze me about the old days.

Today is a new day.

I overstand when I speak to you because I deciphered the fantasy that was amassed in your reality. I saw the words you could not see.

When you spoke to me I heard the double entendre you graced inside me. You allowed me to think in more than one dimension. I seek words that were previously hidden within me. You helped me find the character of who I need be.

Poetic Justice

Flashlight in the Daytime

I ignore the heartache of this empty space. I’m looking up to get out of here.

Can you help me find my way? I wanted to help the world, so I carved a space. Too bad I fell into a desolate facade.

A helpless mindstate.

No GPS, no signal, I’m on my¬†roam.

I left my mental capacity chasing space, and right before me was the best way to escape.

I wanted to get away from feelings of unrest, but unless I find a way, my love will never be the same. I wish I didn’t feel this way. I stooped to a new low to help, yet I feel insane. Am I going mad trying to explain what remains?

I look towards the heavens seeking¬†mental rain. A brainstorm of negativity flooded my brain. I’m chasing the dream of helping everyone. I’m drinking the elixir of my own tears.

A mental strain.